Design Studio 54


It seems that Simon Doonan’s fascination this holiday season with Andy Warhol has influenced his husband Jonathan Adler’s designs.  Adler, who mixes modern and kitsch better than anyone, has created what I consider to be the most perfect, poptastic gift choice of the season.  Yes, ladies and gents, behold Adler’s needlepoint Liza Minnelli pillows!
Warhol was fond of the Studio 54 scene and so is Adler apparently.  He has taken his traditional handcrafted wool pillows, typically done in bold, colored geometric prints, and has covered them with the faces of Liza, legendary fashion designer Halston and the Studio 54 logo. Pop imagery combined with arts and crafts? Yes indeed.

Adler says the pillow is "Our homage to the hard-core hedonism of the disco era rendered in the paradoxically cozy medium of needlepoint." Brilliant, just brilliant.