The best corsage ever.

Ikebana_3 Corsage_4    

Last night I was invited by SECA to an artist talk with Los Angeles based artist Karen Kimmel. This was my first time seeing her work but now I’m definitely a fan. Her art is collaborative, conceptual and crafty. Last night we learned about the different artists (needlepointers, crafters, engineers, art schools, etc) that she’s worked with, saw some of her past work and heard about her collaborative process. At a past show in LA she made stencils out of plexiglass that were then affixed to the wall of a gallery. These could be pulled off the wall to be used as a paddle in an art auction. After the auction the stencils were then taken and an Ikebana style art piece was made with the flowers coming out of the cutouts in the stencil. Wow, for sure. One of the highlights last night was seeing a partner of hers creating floral, wearable art and then giving them out. I got to walk away with a laser cut, stenciled wristband with unique flowers woven through it. It was tied to my arm with a suede strap that had her initials stamped on it. Karen, with her amazing attention to detail, is a woman after my own heart.

Her most recent project was working with the artists at Creative Growth, a gallery in Oakland. Creative Growth Art Center serves physically, mentally and developmentally disabled adult artists, providing a stimulating environment for artistic instruction, gallery promotion and personal expression. You can see their art here. Her next project is to work with a school for the hearing impaired in Scottsdale. I can’t wait to see what comes out of this collaboration. There’s so much to Karen and her art, read more about her here.