Classic color.


A challenge many manufacturers of modern classics face is how to remain contemporary. Classic designs stand the test of time and many brands have reinvented these pieces while staying true to the original designer’s spirit. With this in mind the always forward thinking Herman Miller has launched the Eames LCW chairs in a myriad of colors. They caught everyone’s eye at ICFF.

Gregg Vander Kooi, product manager of classics for Herman Miller, says of the new series "we collaborated with the Eames Office to choose a set of colors authentic to the period during which the LCW was designed. We looked to the colors Eames used for the Eames Storage Unit and the Eames Hang It All. And we also found inspiration in textiles designed for Herman Miller by Eames’ contemporary and friend, Alexander Girard."

Those colors are initially going to be a run in light blue, white and yellow. Later in the year we’ll see orange, red, purple, green and black. The chairs will be stained with an aniline stain on birch veneer, a return to the chair’s original wood species. The first three colors will be available to order now (during our Herman Miller sale), though they won’t be up on for some time. Color me excited. Call 1-800-944-2233 to order yours.