Daughters of design.

Last Thursday, September 27, the Boulder Studio was honored to host "Daughters of Design" with guest speakers Susan Saarinen, Carla Hartman and Celia Bertoia. Over 75 people enjoyed an educational history filled with stories, family photos and memorabilia.

Susan Saarinen, daughter of Eero Saarinen, kicked off the event with a detailed history of the family dating back to the early 1800S. She shared photos of the Saarinen house she grew up in as a child. Everyone was fascinated by the weavings her grandmother Louise (Loja) had created which covered the sofas in the house. Susan followed in her father’s footsteps and is now a landscape architect in Golden, Colorado.

Carla Hartman, granddaughter of Charles Eames, followed with wonderful stories of her time spent in the Eames house; how the interplay of light, color, season and weather continually changed to highlight different features of the space throughout the year. Carla is now Director of Education for the Eames Office and resides in Denver, Colorado.

Celia Bertoia, daughter of Harry Bertoia, concluded the presentations with family photos as she talked about "the man" Harry Bertoia. She shared heartwarming stories of growing up with him, a man full of energy that lived his life to the fullest by embracing his passion for art and design. Once a Boulder local, Celia now resides in Bozeman, Montana where she runs her company Perfect Timing.