A century of art and craft.

I knew of the California College for the Arts’ (CCA) command in the design world (afterall, our chief creative officer Jennifer Morla teaches there and last fall we sponsored a furniture production class), but it wasn’t until the New York Times article, “Where ‘ART’ Has Met Craft For 100 Years” that I learned of its history and inclusion of craft. Jazzed from the article, I took Bart across the bay to check out the Oakland Museum of California and Artists of Invention: A Century of CCA. The show is packed with more than 120 works ranging from painting and photography to video and mixed media. Some names were familiar to me – Richard Diebenkorn, Squeak Carnwath, John McCraken and Peter Voulkos – but many weren’t, so it was cool to get a visual history lesson of West Coast art. The exhibit runs though mid March and is a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Posted by Kristine Langevin