A DWR buyer in Tokyo: Part I.

Tokyo_pic_6 As the buyer for our new Tools for Living assortment, I had the pleasure of attending last month’s 100% Design Tokyo event. The conference was the impetus for the trip, but the real goal was to get lost on the streets of the city and learn how design plays a role in Japanese culture.

That role is huge. From the delicately wrapped packages in the Daikanyama boutiques to the careful preparation of my Yakitori (skewers of chicken and vegetables), presentation is fundamental here. There was a woman who was working on a relatively small flower arrangement (Ikebana) outside of my hotel room when I left at 8am. I returned to my room around 4pm, and she was just putting the finishing touches on the arrangement.

I ended my trip with a quick stop by the Senso-ji temple. Although a bit of a tourist trap, I came by the temple on a surprisingly quiet day. Looking at the gentle sloping roof of the temple and the Buddhas guarding the parks outside of it, I saw the principles of Tools for Living abound: The simplicity of structures from times past, purposeful in their design and function.

Posted by Kari Woldum, Tools for Living buyer