DWR People: Hanging Around SoHo.


In the “hot” seat this month is Dan, who’s the proprietor of our DWR: Tools for Living store in SoHo.

“One of my favorite items in our store is the Eames Hang-It-All. It was my first employee purchase at DWR and I’m a huge fan of Ray and Charles Eames. Simplicity and functionality – what more can you ask for? Even my young nieces are taken with the Hang-It-All. They love all the bright colors and always make an effort to hang their coats and sweaters on it when they come to visit me. Seeing this, their mom said, ‘you never hang up anything at home. Why here?’ So, as a gift to my sister to help her control the chaos in my nieces’ bedrooms, I purchased one for each of them. Something so simple and functional can keep my nieces’ rooms tidy and my sister sane.”

– Dan M. Studio Proprietor, DWR: Tools for Living in SoHo