DWR: Tools for Living SoHo Artist Window Series, No. 6.

Our latest DWR: Tools for Living SoHo window comes from graphic designer Grant Gold. His inspiration for this window series was “winter time in the city.” 


It is a time when he feels more introverted and introspective of his life and habits, a time of reflection and response to those reflections. “Winter, particularly in the city, is a period of seclusion for people and it wraps them into themselves,” he says, “around all of their thoughts and into a messy rumpus of trying to comfort their own ideas about who they are and who they want to be.” Grant enjoys the idea that the seasons change the way people act and feel. He wanted to convey winter as a time of “disheveled adaptation.” 



Originally from Texas, Grant creates books, posters, murals, films, illustrations and customizes bikes. Originally interested in printmaking, he moved to New York after three years of studying fine arts. His love for design is heavily influenced by space, film and all printed matter. He attends the School of Visual Arts and has worked in the studios of James Victore and Paul Sahre. Grant will graduate this May before setting out on a backpacking journey from Iceland to Japan. 

Posted by Dan Murphy, DWR: Tools for Living, SoHo