DWR Presents: Brad Ascalon.

Made of solid Carrara marble, our new Ascalon Menorah designed exclusively for DWR by designer Brad Ascalon is visually modern and inexplicably classic. "I wanted to create something that kind of sat in the background to elevate the importance of the candles, but yet I still wanted it to be a striking form in itself," says Ascalon, "the eight facets correspond to the eight days of Chanukah, and the left and right diagonals create an 18 degree angle. In Judaism, 18 is a very important number symbolizing chai, or life."

Recently, we stopped by Ascalon's New York studio to learn more about the menorah and his design process — we had no idea that he'd turn out be a skilled ukulelist, too. Watch the video to learn more about Ascalon, his menorah and how he's carrying on a family tradition as a designer.