Q&A with Judy White, designer of DWR Bedding.

If you missed the story in last week’s New York Times, there are some exciting things happening in the modern bedroom. Namely, we now offer an exquisite line of DWR Bedding designed by Judy White Studio. We recently caught up with the busy Ms. White to ask her a few questions.

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Q: Who is someone you admire?

The late Carl Sagan. In his Cosmos series he revealed the wonders of our universe, made us think and dream bigger, introduced us to mysterious things explained through science. His was a validation of inquisitive nature, exploratory quests, and analytical problem solving. Which is similar to the thought processes behind design briefs in my field.

Ward Bennett is someone who I met early in my career. I loved his sensibility, and the way that he could span many disciplines. That philosophy of applying one's design skills/instincts to many things, that really appealed to me. Currently, I admire the work of Naoto Fukasawa for his Muji work, and "plusminuszero" domestic objects. Piero Lissoni, who simply designs everything… beautifully.

Q: What did you study in school? 
I trained in industrial design and fine arts, and studied art history.

Q: Is there something you’ve always wanted to design, but haven’t had an opportunity to do?
I've designed many home products, tableware, accessories, and textile collections. I'd love to be given the challenge to design larger scale objects. I love cooking, and tools, so it would be great to develop a range of kitchen and home appliances. Cars! I'm always interested in cars, and their design. We worked on the concept and look of the Japanese B-1 car when I was employed at Water Studio, in Tokyo. I have a lot of ideas.

Q: Other than work, what are your other creative outlets?  
I have a house that I built out on eastern Long Island. I spend time there when I can. I love the beach, sun, and swimming, exploring the natural world. In the city, visiting art galleries, the Dia, and Storm King Art Center always inspire me.