We salute Achille Castiglioni who was born on this day in 1918.

"Everything had a good reason, and Achille was very precise," said Castiglioni's daughter Giovanna, as she showed me her father's studio in Milan (shown below).

Stanza tecnigrafi
A designer whose life and work were permeated by optimism, his studio is a must-see in Milan, and his heirs recently established a Foundation to ensure that Achille Castiglioni's cultural, artistic, professional and human legacy continues to be accessible to all. Often inspired by everyday things, Castiglioni was a designer whose work displayed ironic humor, lively sense of paradox, and thoughtful concern for formal balance. We are proud to have Castiglioni's lighting in our collection, and we marvel at how it continues to be relevant to how we live today. Cheers to Castiglioni on this day, what would have been his 95th birthday.