Unsuspecting Drivers Become … Artists?


What could be more chaotic than a four-way intersection in the middle of Berlin with no traffic lights? How about a four-way intersection in the middle of Berlin covered in fluorescent paint! IEPE Rubingh was the mastermind behind this piece, with the enlisted help of what he calls an “anonymous crew”. Rubingh, who has become known for his large performance pieces in public spaces, took the initiative to create modern art in a way that we have never seen.

The concept is simple; pour 500 liters of paint on to the street canvas and let unsuspecting drivers take care of the rest. The result is the beautiful disorder of red, blue, yellow and purple intersecting, creating new colors and a visual of the everyday life and movement that occurs within the intersection. Since the original creation in Berlin, other guerrilla artists have replicated the “Painting Reality” in cities around the world. Could an intersection near you be next? See how it all happens in real time in this video.

Written by Lauren Guerrere