Celebrate your modern dad.

“Don’t be smart.” Dad said this (a lot) but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t like smart things. In fact, he’ll appreciate the smart design of our gift ideas. Our Teak Petanque Set includes six boules (or balls), a wooden jack (or cochonnet), and a sleek box for storage and transport.

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Father’s Day is June 17. Keep reading to see other Father's Day ideas.

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Tell your dad he means the world to you with our mint-colored Globe. Precise geographic accuracy applies not only to the placement of the countries, but the 23.5-degree tilt of the earth toward the sun, as well. 

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For the techy dad, our Tablet Portfolio is made of six-ounce leather that is tanned the old-fashioned way, using only plant materials in the six-month tanning process.

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Give pops a gold (or bronze) star to display on his desk. John Kostick's Foldable Stars (1965) began as models of mathematical concepts, particularly the structural-relationship principle known as tensegrity (or tensional integrity). They're fun to talk about and even more fun to fold, unfold and spin.

Father's Day is June 17. Go to dwr.com to see additional gift ideas.