“This sure is a lot of fun, but who else would want to do it?”

If you've ever been to Marin County, California, you know it is a hot area for biking. But did you know that it is actually where mountain biking began? The quote above is what Joe Breeze said to Otis Guy while riding their stripped-down, single-speed Schwinn bikes on Mt. Tam in 1975.

00_mountain_bikesHowie Hammerman, Otis Guy, Chris McManus and Joe Breeze on Mount Tamalpais, Marin County, California, in November 1977. Photo by Wende Cragg, Rolling Dinosaur archives.

An exhibition currently at San Francisco International Airport (yes, at the airport) explores the exciting evolution of mountain biking. "From Repack to Rwanda: The Origins, Evolution, and Global Reach of the Mountain Bike" will be on display in the International Terminal through February 2013.

Project Rwanda Coffee Bike 2012 | Ritchey Design, Inc., Redwood City, California