Sitting is believing.

Screen shot 2012-10-23 at 12.11.05 PM
Alan Heller knows design innovation, and his collaborations with Frank Gehry, Massimo Vignelli and Mario Bellini have resulted in some of the most recognizable chairs and accessories. With his patented ErgoErgo, he has created a benefit-rich seating solution for the modern-minded. More stable than an exercise ball, ErgoErgo allows you to rock gently in any direction (building strength and flexibility in the process) but it doesn’t deflate, roll away or collect detritus like hair or dust off the floor. Studies have shown that making small movements while seated will stimulate circulation, send oxygen to the brain and improve concentration, all of which make the ErgoErgo a win-win.

P.S. I wrote this post while sitting on an ErgoErgo. It rocks! (no pun intended)