A Grand (Central) Centennial.


Happy anniversary to Grand Central Terminal, New York’s favorite Beaux-Arts style building.

Today marks the centennial of the historic New York landmark. We’re particularly excited because many of us use it to get to and from the office. In fact, of the 750,000 or so travelers who pass through Grand Central every day, many are DWR employees. We like to think of it as an old friend you can always depend on – or are sometimes stuck with for a while. Nevertheless, we’re truly happy to celebrate it.

Check out the Gothamist for a breakdown of Grand Central restaurants and shops that are rolling back to 1913 prices on food and more throughout the day.

Five Fun Facts

1. Grand Central is the largest train station in the world by number of tracks and of platforms.

2. Going Hollywood, the 1933 movie starred Marion Davies and Bing Crosby, was the first of many films shot at the terminal.

3. The station is one of the world’s most noted Beaux-Arts landmarks. One of its designers, Whitney Warren – a cousin of the Vanderbilts, the family who amassed a fortune stemming from railways and was highly influential in the creation of Grand Central – spent 10 years at the École des Beaux-Arts. Many naturally credit the terminal’s look to him.

4. When the information booth is open, its staff fields more than 1,000 questions per hour.

5. The terminal’s oldest business is The Grand Central Oyster Bar & Restaurant, which also first opened its doors in 1913.

Here are 95 more facts about Grand Central Terminal. 


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