A letter from our president.

Dear Readers,

At Design Within Reach we make authentic modern design accessible. Sometimes I feel as if we have not explained what that actually means. Authentic means it is the real thing. We don’t do “inspired by” or “just as good as” or “in the spirit of.” If it’s a Milo Baughman piece, you can be assured that he designed it and that the company that has the rights to produce his work is making it. The same goes for pieces by Saarinen, Eames, Mies, Bernett and the rest of our designers. If you buy it from DWR, you know it’s the real thing. We value our designers, and it’s our job to protect the future of these modern pieces.

By modern we mean clean design that lasts a lifetime and continues to be relevant to how we live. Modern does not have superfluous details. Modern is built for function first, and aesthetics are born from that function.

Design within reach means our passion for the above inspires us to bring you things first. When we were founded 15 years ago, consumers weren’t permitted to buy the classics at retail. To find them, you had to go to Europe or work with an intermediary. DWR changed that. We brought you Knoll®, Herman Miller®, Stua and Flos – making them accessible for the first time – and we’ve continued to grow that list to hundreds of designers, most recently adding Muuto and Milo, and new works from Nathan Yong and Jeffrey Bernett.

Accessible also means that it can be seen and touched (taken for a “test drive,” as we like to say) and that it is in stock. That’s why we have Studios from San Francisco to Boston, Toronto to Mexico City, and are opening bigger Studios in many areas. You can also find everything we carry on dwr.com, and I hope you’ll check out our new iPad app. We are proud to be the world leaders in authentic modern design.

Thank you for believing in us and supporting us.