Modern Meets Art: A DWR Client Story.

DWR helped this artistic powerhouse create her beautiful new space. What do you think? Photo: Matt Licari

Meet Lindsay Cowles – a Southerner, New Yorker and Californian. Yes, all three. Not to mention that she is an incredibly talented abstract and contemporary artist, and a DWR client. Her art can be found in private collections and she works very closely with interior designers to bring her pieces to many different homes.

Her latest project, however, involved a different kind of art – modern furniture.

ClientstoryDWR started working with Lindsay Cowles by creating a 3-D rendering (shown left) and on the right you can see how it looks today. Photo: Matt Licari.

Cowles has always wanted a Saarinen Dining Table designed by Eero Saarinen, so she contacted DWR. After working with our Account Executive, AJ Simone for six months, she found the perfect table, plus a few more pieces, for her home.

We recently spent some time with Lindsay. Read on and be inspired by her story.

DWR: What’s the coolest thing you’ve done in Richmond since you’ve moved back?

Lindsay Cowles: Last Spring, the city of Richmond hosted a handful of the world’s best graffiti artists to come in and paint. It was amazing to see that type of artistic expression and the energy they all had was inspiring.

DWR: You’ve recently moved into a modern loft. How would you describe it?

LC: My loft is about 1,300 square feet with an open concept living/dining/kitchen area. It includes two bedrooms, two baths and a small side room, which could also be used as a small office. The view out of my window is a cityscape – reminiscent of my days in New York City. It reminds me of the hustle and bustle of the city and gives me energy to create.

Licari-8649DWR helped her plan her new space to include a Saarinen Dining Table, Tolix Marais Chairs and Barcelona Chairs.

DWR: Why did you choose this place?

LC: I am a Richmond native and I moved back to Virginia to focus on producing my art and developing my business. I was searching for something urban and industrial, something that merged my worlds of New York and Los Angeles with my hometown. And let me tell you, it wasn’t easy but I finally found it! It turns out my new home is in a building called The Locks which used to be an old Reynolds Metals Aluminum Plant. The project at The Locks is incredibly inspiring to me because my father worked for Reynolds for over 20 years. No one has used these buildings for many years until a local developer came in and decided to create these beautiful apartments!

DWR: Your artwork is so colorful and vibrant. What attracted you to classic pieces like the Saarinen Dining Table and Barcelona Chairs?

LC: When I found the apartment, the building was down to the studs. So, I had about six months to dream up my décor. Since my artwork is so bright and bold I knew that I wanted my art to be the focal point of the room and that I wanted my furniture to be in the white, grey and neutral family. These pieces are classically modern and timeless. But at the same time, they are edgy in my mind. The clean lines and architectural shape of the Knoll pieces are exactly what I envisioned in this space to complement my oversized paintings.

DWR: In what ways do you enjoy your space? Are you big on entertaining or is your space more casual?

LC: I love to entertain and I can’t wait to serve friends and family dinner around my Saarinen Table – especially since my boyfriend is a very talented chef!

DWR: Is this a live/work space?

LC: Since I am insanely messy with my paint during the creative process, my live and workspaces are separate. My studio is a five-minute drive from my apartment. The same management company as my apartment building, Fountainhead Properties, owns the studio space at Plant Zero. So, it has the same aesthetic. It is an old converted warehouse, which now houses about 80 artist studios – ranging from graphic designers and photographers to fashion designers and painters.

  A selection of Lindsay’s famous large abstract paintings.

DWR: What inspires your art?

LC: What I do is inspired by my life, living in three totally different parts of the U.S. Raw texture, movement and color inspire my art. Fundamental elements of my works are focused in the interplay of color and the layering and texturizing of the paints.

Learn more about Lindsay and Matt Licari, who is an independent photographer and shot the above photos of Lindsay’s apartment.