One red chair, many Milan ways.

DWR Redchairmilan_0179

We were wondering what would happen if a DWR photographer took a red Piana Chair to Milan. All photos by Mark Seelen.

DWR Redchairmilan_0250
DWR Redchairmilan_0270

DWR Redchairmilan_0275

DWR Redchairmilan_0151
DWR Redchairmilan_0279
DWR Redchairmilan_0286
DWR Redchairmilan_0404
DWR Redchairmilan_0399
DWR Redchairmilan_0396
DWR Redchairmilan_0387
DWR Redchairmilan_0378
DWR Redchairmilan_0365
DWR Redchairmilan_0314
DWR Redchairmilan_0324
DWR Redchairmilan_0336
DWR Redchairmilan_0296
DWR Redchairmilan_0300

Additional photos can be seen in Piana Meanders and Mingles in Milan and Seeing Red (Chairs) at SaloneSatellite in Milan.