Mixing it up in Cambridge.

Forrest Making Magic

The DWR Cambridge Studio hosted Forrest Butler of Royal Rose Syrups, who showed the crowd how to make sophisticated original cocktails. Seeing a rise in high-end, handcrafted spirits – but a void in similarly crafted syrups – Forrest and his wife started Royal Rose in Brooklyn in 2010. In 2011 they sold their first batch of syrups and by ’12 had outgrown their Brooklyn digs and relocated to Portland, Maine. Certified 100% organic, Royal Rose Syrups now come in six amazing flavors, including three-chili, saffron and Tamarind.

Forrest is a DWR alum (in fact I first interviewed with him way back in 2004) and a natural entertainer. Also on hand was Adam Lantheaume of the Boston Shaker, a store dedicated to all things mixology, who provided the necessary bar equipment.

Forrest Getting Quizzed

After the presentation Adam and Forrest stuck around for a few hours answering questions, offering samples of syrups and mixing up custom cocktails for any who inquired. We learned that a three-piece shaker is called a “cobbler,” that shaking with ice isn't just about getting things frosty and how to scale up so you can enjoy your parties without being a bartender all night.


Above: Four generations of DWR! Left to right: Forrest Butler (started at DWR in 2003); Carmel Chisholm (2012); Adam Leveille (2006); Moira Manning (2003); Sarah Moreno (2004); Maria Soledad Coates (2011). Photobombing: Maria’s husband Jamie and son Mateo. And little John in the middle: DWR start date, TBD. 

Posted by Adam Leveille.