The past, present and future of design at WantedDesign.

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The Ø Chair designed by Asher Israelow.

At this year's WantedDesign, DWR launched the Helix Table by Chris Hardy alongside a showcase of seven designers who we feel represent the design industry’s future. While materials and methods differ, commonalities of smart design, solving old problems in new ways and being relevant to how we live ring true in their works.


Roulé Family designed by Pauline Deltour for Discipline.


Abstract Square and Textured Stripe Pillows designed by Tamasyn Gambell, coming to DWR this summer.


Brass Bottle Openers designed by Fort Standard.


The DWR booth also included Molded Wood Side Chairs by Charles and Ray Eames, Bluff City Pendants by Jonah Takagi for Roll and Hill, and Index Tables by Jonah Takagi for Council. We built our booth out of the Stacked Shelving System by JDS Architects. 

_3 Nathan Yong and Chris Hardy

Designers Nathan Yong and Chris Hardy.


DWR COO John McPhee, designers Jonah Takagi, Chris Hardy and Pauline Deltour, DWR CEO John Edelman.


DWR VP of Merchandising Kari Woldum and DWR CEO John Edelman with designers Meg Callahan, Tamasyn Gambell and Asher Israelow.