Need to see your space in 3-D?


Looking for something creative to do this long weekend? Check out the DWR 3-D Room Planner, a free online tool that lets you see your space furnished with DWR furniture. You can also improve your view, move walls, add square footage — anything your heart desires.

A sleek space created by Martin Mobley of DWR West Hollywood.

Space with fantastic view created by Martin Mobley of DWR West Hollywood.



Too busy to create a room? Our account executives are happy to design one for you. Simply stop by a DWR Studio or call us at 1.800.944.2233.


  • Jennifer

    This is the perfect tool for consumers!

  • cecilia

    hello, what is the name of the glass dinner table depicted in the first photo? it reminds me of the corbusier.

  • carmen, ben

    thought this would be fun for your new condo