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December 20, 2007

Action Jackson.


Not that I need another tool to fuel my procrastination, but I have become addicted to  The site, designed by internet-artist Miltos Manetas, allows anyone with a mouse to create works of art inspired by the legendary Mr. Pollack. It’s been around for a while, but worth the mention. They’re a great way to make instant art and stationary.  Via Max Hidalgo.

Iced icons.


If you look through the image gallery below from the Parsons’ event you’ll come across some fantastic cookies we had baked in the shape of iconic chairs by Bellini, Vignelli, Panton and Jacobsen for the party. They tasted as good as they looked. 

Then today I happened upon House Industries’ blog and saw these amazing cookies shaped like Vitra’s Alexander Girard dolls. They are quite possibly the most adorable things I have ever seen.  If only they’d send me a batch?  I can always hope.

December 19, 2007

First Fluff.


Last Wednesday, Design Within Reach threw a party for the Parsons students who participated in “Re-imaging the Chair,” a semester-long collaboration between Parsons, DWR and Heller that I wrote about in the last issue of Design Notes.  The evening was an opportunity for the students to interact with design professionals and to celebrate their creations.  A panel of judges, including Mel Byars and Sandy Chilewich, critiqued the work, and awards were given to the top designs.  Sari Widman’s “Fluff” took first place. 

When describing her chair, Sari stated, “I have a bit of a fantasy of being hugged and carried around by a huge fluffy white monster when I get stressed out or tired. I wanted to make a chair that would feel like that, being surrounded by something fluffy and comforting. I also wanted to take the opportunity to build something, because as an illustration student, I draw all the time, but rarely get to work in 3D. Through the process of sketching, the chair, being fluffy, naturally evolved into a type of animal, bringing in the hooves at the bottom and the animal motif.” It’s our new favorite pet.

The entire collection is on display at our West 14th Street Studio through the end of January.  Image gallery is visible here. All photos by Michael DiVito.

December 13, 2007

The finished product.

As I posted last week, DWR recently furnished As Long As it Lasts..., a pop-up tattoo parlor, part of Design Miami/. As promised, here is my finished limited edition Tord Boontje designed tattoo. I am so pleased to have participated (permanently).   

December 07, 2007

A DWR buyer in Tokyo: Part 2.


Held on the grounds of the National Stadium (home to the 1964 Olympics), the 2007 100% Design served as a platform for both well established vendors and those emerging. Regardless of size or application, sustainable solutions were a hot theme. Fumiko Ikeda and Niromi Nishi’s Treasured Trash Project allowed designers to submit their green friendly designs for application in both residential and commercial spaces. Akiko Fukuda’s Recycling Bin made out of Ecoply (recycled bottle caps) and Askul’s Recycling Post concept were two of the standouts. And a personal favorite was Piet Hein Eek’s Go-Kart made out of recycled machine parts.

Larger brands like Metaphys showcased their new designs, many of which have already won Good Design Awards.

Posted by Kari Woldum

As long as it lasts...forever.

2092689203_e05940977e_3 Picture_229_2_3
In the Moore Loft Space, part of Design Miami/, DWR furnished a tattoo parlor organized by Tobias Wong, Josee Lepage and Aric Chen. The team put together an amazing space, definitely the nicest tattoo parlor I've had the privlage to enjoy. I loved this idea from day one and when I saw the Tord Boontje design above, I knew I would be returning to San Francisco with a new decoration. Boontje's "Inflorescence Tattoo" is derived from a computer program that randomly generates floral patterns that users can capture in a screen grab. Half of my design was finished last night and the other half will be completed on Saturday, so stay tuned for the finished product. The best part? Each design comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Bacon and Eggs, Design Style

Eggs Bacon
I've been excited for weeks about coming to Miami for the first time to witness and participate in Design Miami/. High on my list of things to do was the brunch hosted by Domino at the Rubell Family Collection, and it did not disappoint. The art was plentiful, the people were worthy of watching, and brunch consisted of cafe con leche and the most modern take on breakfast that I've ever seen (or tasted). Yes, that is an enormous table full of hard-boiled eggs, and a huge pan of bacon slices surrounded by rubber gloves, which people donned to take their morning protein of choice. Tokujin Yoshioka is the Designer of the Year for Design Miami/, but I'm awarding Domino's party "Brunch of the Week."

December 04, 2007

Fashion skate.


This weekend, while searching for some new skate shoes for my daughter and me, I came across these Vans, designed in collaboration with Paul Smith. Vans will be releasing a few different styles of skate shoes with the Paul Smith signature stripe in their spring ’08 collection. This is the same Paul Smith stripe that’s available on our Bottoni Chair and Ottoman. What a perfect compliment to the limited-edition skateboard designed for us by Bottega Montana. Who says you can't match your shoes to your favorite armchair?

Posted by David Goltl, Proprietor, Southlake Studio

December 03, 2007

Forget the pre-Christmas sales.


Avoid the pre-holiday sale madness and get over to the DWR Annex during the weekend of December 15–16. They’re getting a special shipment of overstocks, still-in-the-box new items and samples that will all be discounted 20–65%. There’ll be lots of lighting, some lounge and loads of little giftable lovelies. Get your holiday shopping done for your list and for you (“One for her, two for me, one for him, two more for me…”). Find details here.