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February 26, 2010

25 ways to...

Presenting 25 ways to sit in a 1006 Navy Chair. Filmed in Toronto’s historic Burroughes Building (about a half mile from our Toronto Studio), this video celebrates Azure magazine’s 25th Anniversary.

February 19, 2010

Celebrating George Nakashima in Scottsdale.


On February 23, the Scottsdale Studio will launch a rare opportunity to explore the life and work of George Nakashima. An MIT-trained architect, Nakashima found his inspiration through woodworking and cabinetry. From February 23 through March 17, DWR Scottsdale will display an exhibit, Nature, Form and Spirit, of original furniture from Nakashima’s home, rare prototypes and one-of-a-kind pieces. 

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February 09, 2010

DWR: Tools for Living SoHo Artist Window Series, No. 8.

James Lawrence Hughes is a Brooklyn-based graphic designer. He has worked with clients such as The New York Times, Print magazine, and GOOD magazine. His studio focuses on work for the arts, as well as cultural and non-profit organizations. He is also a graduate from the School of Visual Arts.

The inspiration for the window display comes from the beginning of the New Year, and the ambiguity that comes with it. Whether it be the celebratory night itself (which is where the etched statements like “A Flash” and “A Kiss” derive from), or later on, in the beginning months. All of us are uncertain about the future, so the thought was to turn the window into a crystal ball/fortune teller.

Posted by Dan Murphy, DWR: Tools for Living, SoHo

February 05, 2010

From the Potrero Studio: An inquiry on Quistgaard.


My love affair with Jens Quistgaard (above) started in the least exquisite of places: the filthy thrift stores of the Pacific Northwest. As a resourceful and enterprising (read: dirt poor) 20-something, I paid rent by reselling vintage clothing to fashionable, yet less resourceful, 20-somethings. In the face of growing competition and career fatigue, I found myself quickly bored of fighting punchy septuagenarians for scraps of dirty Dior. It was at this time that my attentions were drawn to Quistgaard’s mid-century tabletop items for Dansk International Designs. Cheap, plentiful and endlessly beautiful, it was like accidentally stumbling upon a Danish Modern goldmine. I soon found myself spending hours scouring the aisles for treasures marked with Quistgaard’s signature: IHQ. 

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February 03, 2010

Rob Forbes to present at DWR Austin.


Most of us have a vision for a well-designed modern house, chair or pair of shoes. However, very few of us have a vision for a well-designed modern city. What kind of transportation and mobility solutions are necessary for modern cities to thrive? If you live in Austin, you can toss around ideas with Rob Forbes and Leo Marmol on February 18. Join them at the DWR Austin Studio for their event: Smart design in the public sector. For the rest of you, check back after the event and we’ll post some of the ideas that emerge from what promises to be a lively discussion. In the meantime, use the Comments field below to share smart transportation solutions and ideas for cool and provocative design in the public sector. If you'd like to learn more about Rob’s new Public adventure, click here.

Event: Public Design with Rob Forbes and Leo Marmol
When: Thursday, February 18, 6-8pm
Where: DWR Austin Studio

February 02, 2010

Sizing up Dubai.

If visitors get tired while exploring the ice rink, aquarium and more than 1,200 stores in the Dubai Mall, it’s good to know that the world’s largest mall is outfitted with one of the world’s most comfortable chairs. The Gas Chair was designed by Jesus Gasca for Stua, and there are more than 2,000 of them in the mall, which has impressive views of Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building.