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April 05, 2010

If Charles Eames had owned a cat, he would’ve designed this.


The unsightly kitty privy is a challenge every cat-owner struggles with: where in your home can you stash the purple, plastic, Barney of a litter box? Fortunately, the genius designers of the ModKat Litter Box have given us a solution. This sleek box, which The New York Times called “the iPod of litter boxes,” is modern, functional and very smart. I’ve put it to the test (or rather, my cat has) and I’m smitten. The modern aesthetic works beautifully in my home, and box’s flip-top lid and handy scoop make it easy to empty. Unlike any other litter box I’ve seen, ModKat has a “rooftop” entry lid, which ensures privacy for your kitty and keeps unsightly unmentionable things from view. Plus, the perforated surface helps prevent litter from scattering all over your floor. When kitty jumps out of the hole and onto the perforated lid, stray bits of litter fall back into the box, which is like having a built-in litter-catching matt. But don’t just take my cat’s word for it: the ModKat Litter Box has recently received a “red dot design award.” What do you think – should we add this to the DWR assortment?


Yes you should add this to the DWR line of merchandise. Love it and not only looks cool but I think our cat, Jools, would love to hide away to do her business.

you have to ask? yes, there a deficit of well-designed non-obtrusive pet lifestyle accessories. thanks!

Oh Yes! This is one of those wow products, a true reinvention of a product that got left behind. I can totally see the red or white next to those gorgeous DWR sofas!

I would buy it, if I had a cat.

I just recently saw an article about this and I love the idea. I am buying one for my parent's cat. Finally an attractive kitty litter option. I am also excited at the prospect of not hearing litter crunching underfoot anymore!

Yes this should be added to the DWR assortment, and I am sure that Charles and Ray Eames would agree. A fellow architect and designer myself, who also owns a cat, can appreciate well designed (aesthetically and functionally) pet accessories, which are lacking in today's market.

I you don't add it you are missing out. I think this product will revolutionize the litter box industry.

YES, absolutely! Living in NYC where space is scarce, this litterbox has changed my life. It's a genius design, from the great look of it to the actual functionality. I tell all my friends about ModKat, cannot say enough about it!


Yes, this should definitely be added! I have this at home and it is by far the best litter box you can buy. It is beautifully designed and my cat loves it.

I've been through many litter boxes, and this one is just great. It has a modern look and very easy to clean. My cat loves it.

Absolutely add!

yes - now!

ModKat is an innovative design for a product that is usually hidden. This is the must have for all cat owners.

sure! while you're at it, can you find a decent cat tree? virtually everything out there is awful, and the very few nice ones are WAAAAAY too pricey!!

If you are carrying anything for our feline friends, it should be this. This is the only litterbox that I would be happy to have out in the open in my home.

I vote yes-carry it. Unfortunately my mom's cat passed away, but speaking as a design nut & animal lover this appears highly innovative & solves a lot of messy issues.

Very cool design. Why didn't someone think of this before?

Charles & Ray are smiling from above!

Yes! I saw one of these at a party and thought it was great. I've been meaning to track it down to get one for my cat (and myself, let's be honest).

I live in an apartment, so it's always been a choice of either ugly plastic bin and accompanying litter halo in the middle of the living room, or the possibility of a crunchy surprise stepping out of the shower each morning. NO MORE. DWR is the perfect place for this. Please!

DEFINITELY!! It's smart and chic!! Saw this litter box in real simple magazine! AMAZING!

The question is why isn't it already available on DWR? Awesome product!

Yes - add it!!!!! It's very nice looking and a great litter box too.

Yes - the Modkat litter box Rocks!

My cats and I reviewed the ModKat recently - i renamed it "iLitter" because of how sleek it looks and the fun colors it comes in. I even included a video of my chubby cat Petie using it! Hope you check it out!

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