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September 21, 2011

Planning a Vacation? Check out Welcome Beyond.

Stay in this geodesic urt in Chile. Photo courtesy Welcome Beyond.

Welcome Beyond hopes that your next vacation exceeds even your wildest dreams. Founded by two Berlin-based brothers, the unconventional travel site specializes in hand-picked vacation rentals from French B&B's to modernist homes in Austria, tree hotels in Sweden, and remote geodesic urts in Chile. Visitors can search for accomodations by location, region, or interest, inlcluding unusual vacations. Each property includes a brief bio about the owner and/or property manager, numerous photos -- we spotted the BL3 Floor Lamp in the bedroom of this vacation home -- and details on pricing. 


its located at such a beautiful place....i loved it...

nice place...must be enjoying there..

this is a really nice place for vacation home.. cool and relax.. Thanks for the info..

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