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October 19, 2011

Stunning Saarinen: The TWA Terminal at JFK.


Last Sunday, Eero Saarinen's TWA Terminal at JFK was open to the public for the first time in a decade. It is the most beautiful building I've ever been in, and when you are wrapped in its swooping, elegant curves, you experience the incredible genius of Saarinen. How he conceived this structure and its stunning interior, is beyond me. As the light changes, the interior follows suit, giving you gifts of surprising beauty in the most unexpected places. I took more than 500 photos and will share more in the days to come. Enjoy! (P.S. I'm still using a camera that David Pogue suggested I buy ten years ago. If you have a digital camera you love, please let me know.)






Thank you for sharing the stunning photos of an amazing terminal. I agree, Eero Saarinen was an architectural genius. I get to step into a Saarinen buildings every week. Eliel Saarinen designed my Minneapolis church, Christ Church Lutheran. Eero designed our church's education building after Eliel died. Both are absolutely brilliantly designed.

I landed in NY about 2 a.m. and went over to TWA and slept in the "lobby". I remember waking up about 10 a.m. and the place was abuzz with people, thinking OMG why didn't I wake up! Will never forget the architecture, the red TWA cushions etc. No airport we build now comes even close.

The structure of the establishment is very impressive. I can see that it collapsed-free during earthquake.

Wow... When I looked at the first picture, I was amazed. The design is very good and well constructed. I bet the materials used are of good quality.

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