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November 18, 2011

A DWR Film: The Genius of John Kostick

A combination of mathematics and art, the Foldable Star Sculptures by John Kostick are as mesmerizing as the designer himself. We recently spent an afternoon with Kostick, and it was like attending a lecture at MIT. As he explained (very patiently) the principles of tensegrity and non-Cartesian axes, he continued to spin, fold and unfold his bronze Stars, which he refers to as “mathematical truths that you can hold in your hand.” Step into the fascinating world of John Kostick, designer of the Foldable Star Sculptures.

P.S. That flame that he works with is over 3000° Fahrenheit. His only protection from it: a pair of Ray-Bans.


See the Foldable Star Sculptures

Music: "Every Night For A Year" by Patrick Ellis. "I Am Running Down the Long Hallway of Viewmont Elementary" by Chris Zabriskie. Licensed under Creative Commons.


Some of my art is also inspired by Buckminster Fuller. I fabricate geodesis spheres out of used hand saw blades. They range in size from 27 inches up to 5 feet. I am hoping that my website and contact information can be forward on to John Edelman so he could have a look. I am also a collector of mid-century design and have complimented my collection over the with pieces from DWR.

very useful and informative blog

The phrase "constant amazement" is the right one for John's work.

John Kostick is such a fine artist. His works are remarkably amazing! Hope he can still continue w/ his work though it seems that its time for him to retire.

This is really interesting. For the first time I heard this story.

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