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January 19, 2012

An icon of modern design for an American icon.

David Lynch
Our good friend David Lynch stopped by our LA Beverly Blvd Studio yesterday to test-drive Saarinen's classic Womb Chair and Ottoman before making his final decision to purchase the set in Crimson (although, we think he looks incredibly handsome in the aegean blue). David is a true artist and inspiration. His 2009 book signing at DWR was standing room only. Did you know he released an album in 2011 and has his own brand of coffee too?


I love this womb chair and ottoman, the Crimson colour is wonderful.

I thought this chair was much smaller - seems that this is more of a looker chair than something comfortable. something for a big design statement

chicagofurniture, there are actually multiple sizes of the Womb Chair available. For more information, you can call us at 800.944.2233 or stop by our Chicago Studio, it's quite comfortable!

I also noticed how huge the chair is as well.
It looks fantastic in that large size, and I never knew it came so big. Looks comfy and David looks awesome in it.

The chair is different. Such unique furniture are rarely seen. Such unique ideas should be used in home designing.

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