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January 05, 2012

In today's New York Times.

Photo: Mark Veltman for The New York Times

The LC2 Two-Seat Sofa appears in today's New York Times, in an article about how furniture keeps getting bigger. "Furniture has been bulking up for several years now," writes Steven Kurutz, "partly to match the scale of all the cavernous 'great rooms' that became must-haves in new homes (and perhaps also to match expanding waistlines)." He compares the size of the LC2 Sofa (left) to that of a contemporary armchair (right) to show how the pieces today "dwarf the furniture of an earlier era." Le Corbusier Group designed the LC series in 1928 as a modernist response to the traditional club chair, referring to the LC2 and LC3 as "cushion baskets."

What do you think about the size of furniture on the market today -- is bigger better?


The designers got it all wrong! A sofa is a place to relax and I consider a sofa another world .... kind of a home within a home. It should be designed for comfort, streaching out and I consider a sofa smaller than six feet in length almost useless .... A sofa dweller needs space for the Newspapers, Dwell Magazine, DWR catalog (of course) the Dogs .... ok an occasional Cat! and the one you loved but lost! ...... Just to let you know the weekday edition of the New York Times went to $2.50 today .... off to read my expensive paper on my eight foot sofa!

Did not think that who wrote the magazine article did a real research... Theres plenty of minimal sized furniture out there, and big ones too! I think furniture, as everything else (like fashion, arts, transportation) do not follow a rule or a tendency but they try to catch each single citizen by their hearts, by what they love and believe, so as each person is OOAK, our world has inumerous choices...

This sofa was just lovely, but I like most the red one. :D

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