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January 01, 2012

Keeping an eye on Manitoga in 2012.

Recently named to the 2012 World Monuments Watch, Manitoga is the name Russel Wright gave to his home, studio and 75-acre sculpted landscape in Garrison, New York. "This is a monumental achievement," said Massimo Vignelli upon hearing that Manitoga received this designation, joining former Watch sites like Peru's Machu Picchu, the Cultural Landscape of the Great Wall of China, and Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesen in Wisconsin. Monumental, indeed. I had the pleasure of visiting Manitoga two years ago and wrote about my experience in All a twitter about Russel Wright. Tours of the Wright home and studio are available May-October. Four miles of hiking trails through the landscape can be explored year-round. To help support Manitoga, go to


The twitter link on Manitoga is a wealth of information ..... I find it interesting to visit these historical structures and visually pull the structural and architectural design apart in my mind .... Oh, buy the way the water in the photo above looks a little murkey and stagnant the Property Manager / Conservator should think about stocking Asian Grass Carp in the water .... It would help the water quality .... just an Idea!

Manitoga deserves that recognition. It's the perfect emblem of Russel Wright's definition of sustainability. Not to mention the very unique Dragon Rock, it's just so amazing.

We are thrilled to be recognized by World Monuments Watch, and thank Design Within Reach for helping to get the word out. Our board, advisors, staff, friends, and visitors are all part of the incredible effort to fulfill Manitoga’s mission and vision. Watch us this year; and consider visiting, participating, and supporting in the effort to teach the living lessons of Russel Wright. Fall in love with Manitoga, where living in harmony with nature is exemplified by Russel Wright’s house and studio, designs, and 4.5 miles of hiking paths in 75 acres of woodland gardens.

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