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February 08, 2012

DWR at the 2012 IFB Conference.

DWR is a proud sponsor of the Independent Fashion Bloggers Conference going on today at Milk Studios in New York. The all-day event features panel discussions by some of the fashion blogging community's most fabulous bloggers including DKNY PR Girl Aliza Licht, Refinery29's Connie Wang, Lifebooker's Lauren Tesar and fashion jet-setter Bryan Boy. There are more than 300 international fashion bloggers in attendance, some from as far away as Sweden and Australia! We'll be updating our real-time photostream throughout the day as attendees stop by the DWR Lounge and strike a pose.


Thanks for the pic! Loved your hot pink sofa ... and it was a perfect match for my purse.

It was awesome to see you guys at the conference!

Thank you for the photo feature everyone. I love it!

and it isnt posted up there??

Hi Cinched, we will be sending you your IFBCon picture shortly. So sorry for the error!

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