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February 05, 2012

Eames Elephant goes on safari.


Charles and Ray Eames were fascinated by elephants, and in 1945 they designed one out of molded plywood. Two prototypes were made, but complex manufacturing techniques kept the Elephant out of production. It wasn't until Charles' grandson Eames Demetrios collaborated with Vitra that the Eames® Elephant was mass produced, now made of molded polypropylene. (A miniature version made of wood is also available.) Demetrios recently took the Elephant on Safari, creating this film for the Eames Office. For a fun twist, mute the soundtrack and replace it with “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” by The Tokens.


Enjoyed the movie .... but it is kind of sad. I read the book Roosevelts African Hunt. Theodore Roosevelt in 1909 traveled to Africa on a Big Game Hunt and slaughtered 11 elephants and other majestic - spiritual wildlife ... maybe Eames Demetrios needs to forward the proceeds of the miniature Elephants to a African Elephant Rescue. Oh, I think one of Roosevelt's Elephants in in the Museum of Natural History or Smithsonian.

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