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February 25, 2012

Will bike racks go vertical?

Image courtesy of Manifesto Architecture.

With growing concern over environmental pollution and energy consumption more and more people are trading in four wheels for two. As a result, New York-based architecture firm Manifesto is already working on a solution to an anticipatory problem: overcrowding at the bike rack. The firm looked at existing bicycle storage systems and found that many of them rely on space or the use of electricity. They then examined urban landscapes and discovered that narrow pockets of urban space were underutilized, which led to the development of the Bike Hanger, a vertically oriented bicycle storage system that has the capacity to store up to 15 bicycles and operates without electricity. By pedaling a stationary bicycle at the bottom of the hanger, a central wheel rotates and cyclists can retrieve their bike. Manifesto Architecture has completed the prototype.Its BH6 model recently made its debut at the Gwangju Design Biennale in Korea and is nominated for London Design Museum's Designs of the Year Transport Award 2012. Winners will be announced in April.

Check out the Manifesto Architecture website for more information the project.


Checked out the bike rack .... not feeling it!

I regret saying this but it appears to be more of a gimmick than something practical.
Since the large mass of material used to create such a device would create many more bike racks than this can accommodate, it does seem rather wasteful.
I can appreciate the intent to have a smaller footprint & get the bikes up off the ground, but lets get real here, the footprint of one bicycle is ~!1/25 the space occupied by one car.
Lets just stay with a more conventional bike rack that does a lot for very little.
I doubt there will be bicycle sprawl or parking lot lagoons created to accommodate bike parking.

I have a road and mountain bike, and I would like to get a bike rack that I can use for both of them. I really only want a rack for grocery shopping and maybe a bike tour. Any ideas? Thanks

I have a nice Trek with a Trek rack on the back. It attaches with Velcro and I could not believe how well it hangs on. I have only removed and reinstalled once but it was extremely easy. I hang two saddle bags off it and have plenty of room. I would suggest folding baskets instead of saddlebags for groceries though.

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