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March 10, 2012

Calatrava does Dallas.

Santiago Calatrava has designed more than 40 bridges around the world, and his latest was completed just days ago in Dallas. The cable-stayed bridge features a 400-foot-high arch of steel wrapped in a concrete skin, and a web of steel diagonal stays that give the bridge its unmistakable Calatrava look.

In what looks like the demise of the bridge, check out the fireworks show (above) that Dallas put on for the Bridge’s opening celebration (the drama begins after the first 45 seconds).

This is Calatrava’s first vehicular bridge in the U.S., and it will open to traffic later this month. The $120 million project began in 2007, and an estimated 42,000 drivers are expected to cross it each day. The bridge is named for renowned civic leader Margaret Hunt Hill.


Spectacular. Should become an icon for Dallas and a pleasure for drivers crossing.

From what I know about Santiago Calatrava, he was first a Architect and went back to school to get a degree in Civil Engineering with emphasis in structures. The reason he went back to school was because he could not get the things he wanted built the way he saw it and decided that he needed a structural background.

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