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March 10, 2012

Lucky pup gets Frank Lloyd Wright doghouse.

At the age of 12, Jim Berger wrote the famous architect requesting a house for his black lab, Eddie. Expenses would be covered by the wages earned from his paper route, and the boy’s only requests were that it “would be easy to build and would go with our house.” Located in San Anselmo, California, “the house” was the Robert Berger House, built by the boy’s father and the plans for which Wright had designed in 1951. At first, Wright declined the boy’s request, but Berger kept writing him, and in 1956 he received a set of plans for Eddie’s “canis domus.” Read the whole story and see the plans at


what was wright thinking when he declined the boys request!?

My Sri Lankan architect, Anjalendran, now world renowned, was more forth coming. Immediately after completing our house he very generously designed an Ambala inspired dog house for our pooch, Frosty, a fierce guard dog who he managed to befriend on his many trips to Karachi. Build for me, built for my dog!!

Incredible design! At first I thought that was a wreck from a huge house after an earthquake.

Wow! It looks like a real house from a distance. He must really love his dog to build his own house in the backyard.

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