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April 07, 2012

A DWR Film: Jens Risom.

DWR Presents: Jens Risom from Design Within Reach on Vimeo.

Running into legendary designer Jens Risom in the halls at Design Within Reach is just one of the many great things about working here. Our latest DWR Film lets you experience the wit and wisdom of the modern master, as he speaks with us about history, parachute straps, Hans Knoll and, of course, chairs.


Bravo, bravo!! The interview with Jens Risom on his reflections and sense of design is wonderful! Made my day! :-)

I knew Jens well when he still had his own furniture company. We were friends and also competitors as I was the V.P. of Design at Herman Miller (1965-1979 ) He was always charming then and still is as seen in the video.
Bob Blaich

I absolutely love my Risom Chair and Ottoman/Table. I grew up in Southern California in the 50's and 60's and my parents decorated the house my father designed with what we now call Mid-Century Modern furniture including the Risom Chair in green parachute strapping. I remember playing under this chair. I bought this new Risom Chair for my NYC psychology practice. After it came and I was alone, I crawled under it to see what that experience was like. It was fun and very interesting! I love this chair and will keep it the rest of my life and pass along to my son thereafter.

What an amazing person! Great job on the video. I hope i'm designing at his caliber when i'm in my 90's!


What a wonderful interview with Jens Risom about his life as a designer also the designs of his chairs. Bravo! Design Within Reach is a delight in every way! Kudos!

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