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April 06, 2012

“Light and Magic” by Rob Forbes.

Screen shot 2012-04-05 at 3.57.43 PM
Kimbell Art Museum, photo by Rob Forbes

Featured in a special issue of Design Gossip by the lighting company Flos, DWR founder Rob Forbes takes readers on a journey of visual literacy this month. From the Pantheon in Rome to a wine cellar in California, Forbes gives examples of how architects – often unwittingly – can be extraordinary lighting designers. The essay reminds me of George Nelson’s writings in How To See, in which Nelson presents his ideas on how to read the man-made environment. Like Nelson, Forbes carries his camera everywhere and is a master at recognizing and evaluating the things that surround us every day. Learn more about how Forbes sees the world in “Light and Magic.”

In 2010, Forbes founded PUBLIC, with a mission to help improve the quality of our public spaces and our public lives.


Thank you Living in Los ANgeles one sees beauty both natural and manmade everywhere. However, in public spaces there is often lack of vision and regard for the light that is stunning heer in the city.

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