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April 20, 2012

Milan: Day Four – “Stay hungry, stay foolish.”

This year’s SaloneSatellite included a tribute to Steve Jobs, who considered design “the fundamental soul of a man-made creation.”

Jobs’ advice to “stay hungry, stay foolish” is befitting the SaloneSatellite, which brings together the most promising young designers from around the world with the most important business people and talent scouts gathered in Milan during Salone del Mobile each year.

Since SaloneSatellite was created in 1998, hundreds of the prototypes presented have gone into production, thus launching the careers of many young designers. This year’s Salone Satellite Award Winners have been announced. Keep reading to discover who took first prize. 

First prize went to Raúl Laurí of Spain, who presented the Decafe lighting fixture, a solution for giving “a second life to coffee grounds as a biodegradable and renewable material while taking advantage of its emotional aspects.”

Laurí is definitely taking Jobs’ words to heart – staying hungry, foolish, and clearly well-caffeinated. Congrats to all Salone Satellite participants and winners.



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