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April 19, 2012

Milan: Day Three – who are you calling cute?

There are few words more forbidden at DWR than “cute” and yet, that is how our VP of Creative described this lamp. Alas, if it swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, it probably is a (cute) duck.

Finn Juhl designed the FJ Lamp series in 1963 for the Danish lamp company LYFA. Production was discontinued just seven years later, making the vintage models very rare and highly coveted by fans of Finn Juhl. Making its debut at this year’s Salone, the lamp is back in production, thanks to the efforts of Ivan Hansen and Hans Henrik Sørensen of Onecollection, the producers of authentic works by Finn Juhl.

These metal lamps are painted in Juhl’s original two shades of grey, and the rotating shade allows you to direct light where you need it. What do you think, is there a cute lamp in your future?



I would never think of this lamp as "cute", I do however think it looks elegant & modern.

Curious, what other words are forbidden at DWR besides a half dozen swear words???



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