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May 03, 2012

Something borrowed, something blue, something modern, something new.

Side shot chairs

Congratulations and best wishes to Lindsey Wynans, a residential designer in Houston who had her bridal portraits taken at the DWR Studio in her city. Photographer Lynsey Creative beautifully captured this modern bride, and we were flattered to be included in such a special occasion. As for which chair caught the bouquet, we're guessing it was the Eames Rocker in light blue.

B&w sofa

Light Fixture
Photos courtesy of Lynsey Creative.



Beautiful! We think you were the prettiest bride we've seen in a LONG time!

What a beautiful bride in such a novel location for wedding photos. Creative and stylish! Love the bride and DWR!

Beautiful photographs! I like the designs of Lindsey Wynans.

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