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June 14, 2012

Should animals appear in DWR catalogs?

We're having a Creative Department debate: Should animals appear in DWR catalogs? If so, here are some of the talented dogs and cats available to us (translation: the pets of various Creative Dept. staff members). Who would you like to see gracing the pages of DWR?

Miles the wonder dog.

Pixel the puppy.

August the sleeping cat.

Miles on a Neo Sofa.

Synchronized sleepers on a Sonno Mattress.

Dollar the towel-folding (and rolling) dog.

DWR Liam
Liam the urban dog.

Ailsa: six months old and loving life.

Max is also very happy about running through grassy pastures. He and Ailsa are probably best suited for our photographs of outdoor furniture. If we can get them to sit still. 


August and the Synced Sleepers! I've always wanted to see people in some of these to help get a perspective of general sizes of some of the products, but animals would do just fine. :)

I fully support critters and critter inclusion. From what I can tell, all of these animals would be awesome.

Pets are a part of life; of course they belong in the catalog! All of these are adorable.

I don't know...this looks like a pretty laid back bunch. They speak more to function over form! My opinion? It's a definite "yes".

CB2 already featured animals in their catalogs. They showcased shelter and rescue doggies!

A home is empty without an animal companion. My favourite photos in home and garden magazines are ones where the homeowner is depicted with their dog or cat. These are important members of your family. I would love to see animals in your catalogs. It makes the furnishings more accessible.

My vote goes to that handsome fellow, Miles!

I would love to see pets in the catalog. I find myself partial to the corgis... but then again, I've been wanting to adopt one.

I fully support the use of animals - but do it in a good way. Not really interested in the staff's animals. Partner with a shelter or animal foundation and promote adoption and animal rights.

Great idea. And worth noting: August the sleeping cat was a rescue from a San Francisco shelter. Dollar was rescued from New Orleans. Oh, the stories they could tell! -DWR

No. Let me imagine my pet, my kids, my friends in the perfect setting.

If I don't like the dog or cat, I might turn the page.

Sure, it's always great to see products captured within a scenario that they will most likely be used in, and the majority people have pets at home.

Miles & Pixel are clear favourites for me.

Yes! Especially Corgis ... on the beds!

Someone already mentioned this but I too think it would be great if you could picture rescued animals and partner with a foundation... it helps to raise awareness and there are so many great animals available.

Of course animals and furniture go together- just respect them both!
Ailsa, to me, has the best design and joy features....


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