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September 14, 2012

Where in the world are they?

Can you guess where Banana Republic shot their fall campaign?

Here’s a hint, they should’ve photographed this model sitting in a Womb Chair rather than Arne Jacobsen’s Egg. Keep reading to see additional photographs.





Shot at the old TWA Terminal at JFK Airport?

In the old TWA terminal in NY.

It appears to me that the photos were shot at the Saarinen-designed TWA terminal at JFK.

Perhaps I should have been more specific and said the *Eero* Saarinen-designed TWA terminal at JFK.

The designer of the Womb Chair is Finnish - so somewhere in the Helsinki Airport?

Yes! You are correct. It is the TWA Terminal designed by Eero Saarinen at JFK Airport. -DWR

The old TWA Terminal at JFK Airport.

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