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October 05, 2012

Do you dream in Verner Panton color?

The Verner Panton suite at Hotel Alexandra in Copenhagen is labeled “a sight for sore eyes” in the hotel’s literature. The description then goes on to refer to the designer as “Verner Pant,” which they've assured me they will change. In the meantime, what do you think of the room? Is it the suite of your wildest dreams?

Guests sleep under the warm glow of Panton's Ball Lamp (1969) and a blanket in his iconic Design Geometri (1960) textile.

A wallhanging in the Verner Panton Suite.

Keep reading to see additional photos.

This the first time I've seen a paperclip base on his System 1-2-3 Chair.

Panton's cantilevered stacking chair (1960).


It is delightful to read these Design Notes and to see these iconic furniture pieces in actual use, not just in a catalog of for sale pieces.

I hope that DWR publishes similar pieces more often and maybe locations where the furniture in use can be seen.

As V.P. of Design at Herman Miller (1964-1979) I worked with Verner Panton and Vitra to bring his iconic one piece chair into production. I have also stayed in the room at the hotel and it is Panton at his best.
Congratulations for bringing his products to DWR.

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