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December 20, 2012

Miles, the modern dog.

Miles on the Milo Recliner.

If DWR had a mascot, it would most certainly be Miles, who has appeared in our catalogs as well as on our blog and facebook page. He is also a regular at our photoshoots. Here are a few of our favorite photos of DWR’s favorite dog.

On location in Armonk, New York. House in background was designed by Arthur Witthoefft in 1957. Read more about the house here. Keep reading to see MORE PHOTOS.

Appearing here in the November DWR catalog. Customers called DWR to ask what kind of dog I am. The answer: Cardigan Welsh Corgi.

Miles at home with designer Michael Sainato (V.P. Marketing + Creative at Design Within Reach) and stylist Iris in 't Hout. Read related post: Living in a small space.

Michael's favorite picture.

Waiting to go on set at Industria photo studio.

Nap time! It's exhausting being a modern dog. 

Cozy in the photo studio.

Chatting up the photo crew (and waiting for them to leave so I can stretch out on the Eames Ottoman).

Lunch time with the crew.

Helping humans find the photo studio.

Relaxing on a Neo Sofa.

Afternoon nap with DWR blankets in background.


Also check out our post: Should animals appear in DWR catalogs? (As if we have to ask.)


I do not think that he was the model for the Rocket dog shoe company logo :)

Perhaps we can can have a talent search for a DWR cat? :) Must photograph well next to a lemon and vase on shelf; Curls nicely into Eames chairs without looking like a cushion (yes, there is a reason); should sharpen claws on Chippendale furniture; etc,

I thought DWR was a dog catalogue that just happened to show furniture.

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