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January 09, 2013

Champagne Chair Contest Entries due Jan. 14.

Screen shot 2013-01-09 at 5.12.24 PM
One of the many great chairs we've already received (no pressure).

There is still time to enter the DWR Champagne Chair Contestâ„¢. The challenge is simple: Create an original miniature chair using only the foil, label, cage and cork from no more than two champagne bottles (Prosecco or sparkling wine are also fine). Three winners will receive a DWR Gift Card. The deadline for submissions is 5PM (EST) on January 14. Cheers!

Learn more at After you've designed your chair, feel free to share it on Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #dwrchampagnechair.



I've been trying for 10 hours today (1/12/13) to upload my photo on your champagne chair site. It can't get past step 2 of the process. What's up with the site? I don't have much time left to enter the contest.

Your site for uploading photos for the champagne chair contest is still not working. I've been trying over 24 hours---site doesn't get past step 2. Is anybody available for help??? Not much time left for entry!

Sandi - thank you for letting us know. I've forwarded your message to our web team and asked them to let me know the status asap. Not to worry about missing the deadline. We'll make sure your entry is included. If need be, we'll contact you and have you email it to us. Looking forward to seeing your chair! -DWR

Thanks for your reply!

I'm having trouble getting my photo uploaded; step 3 does not allow me to fill out my photo info, and when I click ahead to step 4 I get an error message. What's up?

Hi, I'm having problems uploading my entry as well. Same errors as Sandi.
Where can I email my photo to??

Hi Grace,

We've found that some of the trouble is coming from Safari. We'd recommend using Google Chrome or Firefox.

I'll also email you directly with an email address to use, if you'd prefer to send us your chair directly.

We look forward to seeing your chair!



I'm also having trouble and have tried using Firefox. Is there an alternative email to submit photo's to?

Thank you,

Hi Jennifer, We just emailed you an email address to send your chair to. Looking forward to seeing your chair. -DWR

I too am having trouble uploading...tried several different ways. Is there an alternative way? Thanks.

Hi - I too am having trouble uploading, tried several different methods (one being google chrome), is there an alternative way? And, I'm not sure if my last comment got posted or not, so this could be a repeat. Thanks - Rachelle

Rachelle, We just emailed you an email address to use. -DWR

I had the same problem trying to upload my photograph.
I started at 4pm and I m not sure it was submitted.
It is not showing in your page of submissions.
I would like to send it some other way to be consider.
Please let me know what can I do.
Silvia T

Hi Silvia, Is your chair appearing on the page of submissions today? If not, let us know and we'll send you an email address to send it to. Thx. -DWR

Good afternoon,
We were just wondering if the top ten finalists have already been selected and contacted by DWR to send their chairs ?

Thanks for any update you can provide ! All the best.

Hi Dan,

We're voting today and the finalists will be contacted tonight. Good luck!

Thanks for the update !

Hi Dan, After many hours of debate we've decided to keep working on this over the weekend. There are so many great entries, and we're having trouble choosing 10 finalists. We're going to announce them on Monday. Sorry for the delay! -DWR

The anticipation is killing me (and my productivity):)

Hi Tom,
The finalists have been notified so I'm sorry to say that if you haven't heard from us, then, well, you know. We'll be posting the finalists on the blog shortly for everyone to see these amazing chairs. This was a really tough decision. We all had favorites that didn't make the final cut and some of us are still sulking about it. Onward to next year's contest! -DWR

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