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January 22, 2013

Champagne Chair Contest finalists and honorable mentions.

Wow. Thank you to everyone who designed a chair for the DWR Champagne Chair Contest. We were so overwhelmed with the response this year and absolutely delighted to the see the amount of innovation, creativity, originality, thought and time that was put into each and every one of these chairs.

After careful consideration (and really tough decisions) we are ready to announce the 10 Finalists along with 7 Honorable Mentions.

The 10 Finalists


Rockin' Chaise, Designed by Miwa F.

Wing Back, Designed by Kathryn Bachen
F8 Chaise, Designed by Aaron Padilla

Mantis Lounge, Designed by Billy Wages
Rowan Rowan, Designed by Purin Phanichpant
Champagne Chair, Designed by Willie and Tess
The "O" Chair, Designed by Alfonso
Champagne Chair, Designed by Alison Brummer
Champagne Chair, Designed by Jeffery Molter
Chateau Chair, Designed by Sawa Sakane

The 7 Honorable Mentions

Mackwire, Designed by Devin Mack
Circle Gets the Square, Designed by Catherine Choi
Poltrona W., Designed by Mauricio Avilés del Río
Champagne Twist, Designed by Dan Nawrocki
Watch Your Step, Designed by Tony Abraham
Royal Scrapenbaum, Designed by Dario Polaco
Grape Divine, Designed by Tony Enn

A sincere thank you to everyone who entered the DWR Champagne Chair Contest. We will be picking the three winners this week and announcing them on Monday, January 28. View the entire gallery of submissions we received here.

Who should win?

Now we want to know which are your favorites. Tell us in the comment section below, on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (@designwithinreach). Don't forget to use #DWRChampagneChair. 



Some really great entries this year ! Although a few seem a little like reproductions of existing 20th century chairs which DWR said would not be considered. For example…
(1.) Rockin' Chaise = Josef Hoffmann 'Rocking Chair' with a Le Corbusier chaise,
(2.)Rowan Rowan = Mr.Chair by Mies Van Der Rohe (sans arms)
(3.)The "O" Chair = Marshmallow Sofa by George Nelson
(4.)Folding Chair in box = Cute… but available at Ikea without the box !
...The rest however are quite superb !

While all of the top ten show remarkable designs, I keep getting drawn to the Wing Back. That's my vote!

These chairs are great! But the Mantis Lounge gets my vote!

I like the Mantis Chair the best.

Mantis chair--Very unique!! Love it!!!

My top three picks in this order:
1. Mantis Lounge
2. Champagne Chair
3. F8 Chaise

Wow, such awesome, creative designs this year! I'm really diggin' the mid-century modern feel of the mantis chair.

Sawa Sakane's one looks very gorgeous and fantastic! :D

I think everyone did a great job. I love the clean modern look of the Mantis Lounge.

I agree with Paul. Although intricate and executed with utmost creativity, some of the chairs(lacking in originality) look like reproductions of existing 20th c. designs.

I'd like to see what criteria the judges used to determine their final choices. There were other chairs that were left out that deserve honorable mention...pieces that actually serve their purpose--keeping in mind both form and function.

What an amazing group of finalist. Kudos for adding 5 honorable mentions. Best of luck to everyone. My vote goes to the F8 Chaise.

Amazing work with the materials used, but as mentioned by Paul and Eddie some chosen finalists are reproductions and NOT original ideas. So much for creativity and originality.
N.B. No, I'm not bitter at all by not making it to finals ;)

Circle Gets the Square gets my vote. Such a lovely base!

I love the mantis lounge. Sleek, modern and original.

Although I'm happy for the finalists, I do not think the choices for the finalists was fair.
I created one, and was hesitant to not enter my chair because when I read the rules more clear, it said it should be ORIGINAL ideas....and although mine was not a replica of a past chair, it def. had influence and inspiration of past chairs and you can tell....which made me not enter, because i thought it would not be right.

It would be great if the rules were more clear next time, and if everyone follows the rules.

Beautiful, all of them!
For me:
1. F8 Chaise
2. Mantis Lounge
3. Champagne Chair

The Mantis Lounge for its sleek simplicity, though I think the Chateau Chair wins for originality!

Of all the chairs, the chair in the box is the most functional, clever and creative.
What better way to store a chair when not in use.
I love this chair.
Very creative work by all.

I love the Mantis chair by Billy Wages.

I must agree with Nik, Eddie & Paul... While it is perfectly acceptable to use historical references and get inspiration from existing furniture, this competition stated it was looking for originality.
In addition to the "reproductions" that Paul points out, the "Rowan Rowan" chair is almost a dead ringer for the Paulistino Chair (which DWR sells with a few more cut-outs). And the "Champagne Chair" by Jeffrey Molter is a complete gimmick! I am ashamed DWR fell for this. It is cute, but shows no design potential in the chair itself.
It's unfortunate that some of these reproductions are finalists when there were many more original and creative submissions...

For me,the Mantis chair captures the back legs of a Praying Mantis, but isn't truly functional because the over extension of the legs could cause someone to trip and fall.

Willie and Tess is the best!

Luv, luv, luv, the Champagne chair by Willy and Tess!!! I want a pair!

This one is my favorite. Yes, it has similarities to many other designs, but it's simple, clean and something I'd purchase if produced in human size.

Poltrona W., Designed by Mauricio Avilés del Río

Many wonderful chairs this year. My favorites of the finalists:

Champaigne chair by Alison Brummer
Mantis Lounge by Billy Wages
FB Chaiise by Aaron Padilla

F8 Chaise FTW!!!
Also liked Watch Your Step and Champagne Chair in a Box

F8 chair for 1st place. It is well designed and clearly professional in construction.

Mantis for second. Simple and Iike the influence.

Alison Brummers Curly Q Chair for 3rd. (Better name for it Alison) Super unique.

Actually, if these 3 won in any order it would be well deserved.

I love the Chateau chair

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