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January 04, 2013

Happy New Year from John Edelman, CEO.

Dear Readers,

Happy modern new year and welcome to 2013! I want to personally thank you for your support last year. It was the best in DWR’s history. This company was founded by and for people who are passionate about design, and your dedication and loyalty to authentic modern is why we continue to thrive.

This month, we continue to bring you more new future icons than ever before: Roll & Hill lightingMuuto, the Herman Miller® Collection, Lampes Gras, bedding, rugs and a fabulous new table from Brad Ascalon. Many are exclusive to DWR; all are authentic modern.

Revel in our luxurious new catalog, and please dig in to our new iPad App to get the stories behind the stories. We are charged up and ready to explore the world all over again in 2013 to satisfy our faithful fans. Our new Costa Mesa Studio is now open, and later this month we’ll debut new spaces in Miami and SoHo.

We appreciate you more than you can know!

Happy new year.

John Edelman
President and CEO



I visited the Costa Mesa DWR showroom. The platform floors, designed to showcase the furnishing, are dangerous, even with the ramps. I almost fell several times, forgetting about the step. Not everyone is always mindful of the difference in heights of the floor. I suggest, redesigning this display form for liability reasons.

Dear Benjamin,
First of all, we're very sorry to hear about your experience. Please know that the Studio is still a work in progress and we will be installing scrims and arranging furniture to make these transitions more obvious. We greatly appreciate your feedback and we hope you'll visit us in Costa Mesa again soon. -DWR

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