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March 01, 2013

It takes a village ... and a VW bus.

Photo: Jim Bastardo

The 14-hour days and challenging conditions don't scare our photo crew. Here are a few of the lighter moments from our recent Arizona photoshoot for the March catalog.

Photo: Jim Bastardo

We like to say that "Umbrellas are for cocktails, Tuuci systems are made for shade." In this case, it appears the team is enjoying both.


Preparing the shot of the 1966 Collection by Richard Schultz, at the Bradley residence designed by architect Michael P. Johnson.


Photographer Jim Bastardo is the first to have a cactus incident.


It takes a lot of luggage for a two-week photoshoot.


...and a lot of equipment.


...and a lot of oatmeal.


No, we can't move the cactus. No, we can't make it shorter. Just make it work, dammit.


The Arizona desert is really beautiful.


VP of Marketing + Creative Michael Sainato enjoying the landscape (and cell phone reception).



Nice photo of VW Vintage Bus. I have two 1973 VW Things in Pristine Condition. Would look great for some of your photo shoots. Ler me know and will send some photos.
Thanks for the consideration. !

This is my favorite cover yet. I love the yellow microbus!

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