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March 11, 2013

Now open in the Miami Design District.


DWR is pleased to announce the opening of our Miami Design District Studio. Last week's grand opening was warmly received by this hot design community and many of our designers came out for the festivities.

Chris Hardy, Brad Ascalon, John Edelman, John McPhee, Tyler Stone, Kari Woldum, Sandra Hansel, Marcella Barry

Studio Proprietor Tyler Stone cutting the red ribbon, shown with: Chris Hardy, Brad Ascalon, John Edelman, John McPhee, Sandra Hansel, Kari Woldum and Marcella Barry. Look for Chris Hardy's new table collection for DWR, coming in May.

Dougan Clarke & Martha Clarke

Martha and Dougan Clarke. Dougan is the designer of Tuuci Shade Systems, the best way to stay cool at DWR.


Bubbly was poured in Govino glasses. Designed for wine tastings, this special reusable cup reflects aromatics much like crystal.



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